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Much like all online sales, 4th quarter is traditionally the strongest quarter for software sales online. What this means, is that NOW is the time to get ready to take advantage of an uptick in sales. The easiest way is to add something new to your site. Stuck for ideas on what to add? Here is a brainstorm list of software types. Think about how you can implement these types of software into your site:

Mac Products, New Product Releases, B2B, Webmaster Tools, Music Software, Tech hardware, Security Tools, Software of the Week, Discount Software, Localized/Other countries, Optimizers, Vista-compatible software, Mobile Apps, Games, and IT-focused products. We have the collection of proven software titles ready to go.

One of the neat tools in the oneNetworkDirect affiliate system is the use of the Sub-ID Tracking. If you implement additional links you can track the effectiveness of the links from various points on your site. To implement this tracking simply append an alpha-numeric value to the end of the base URL found in the system. An example here:

http://affiliates.digitalriver.com/z/333/CD4/ is the “base URL”

add an alpha-numeric value like this:


“frontpage1″ will show up in your “Reporting” section under “Transaction Reports”. The column with “Affiliate Info” will show this value which allows you to do A/B testing and monitor overall effectiveness. My suggestion is that this becomes a best practice that is used each time you implement new products from the oneNetworkDirect system.

Don’t be complacent. The addition of content to your site will help you out with Google ranking and overall traffic. We can help make product suggestions that are good fits to your site. Contact me and I’d be glad to make some suggestions.

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