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Google’s Adsense program lets website owners generate income by allowing ads to be displayed on the site. Payment is made either per click or per thousand impressions. Ads that are displayed on the site are selected based on their relevance to the site, and this is determined by the frequency of keywords.

Volume of traffic on the site and click-thru rate both affect the amount of income that can be generated through Adsense. To improve income generated through Adsense, a number of steps may be beneficial:

• Focus on the quality of the website as a first step to increasing traffic. Adding solid content and keeping it fresh will give visitors a reason to keep coming back.

• Implement traffic-generating activities. Webmasters have found that activities such as emailing a weekly newsletter or offering a free item bring new and repeat visitors to the site.

• Optimize the website to ensure relevant keywords appear frequently on the pages of the site. Researching the term “search engine optimization” will provide a great deal of information on how to accomplish this.

• Test the website to determine which keywords are used most often and how these keywords rank in Google. One free tool for doing this can be found at tools.seobook.com/general/best-keywords. The site also offers a free keyword suggestion tool.

• Add the Google search box to the website if this hasn’t been done previously. When visitors use the Google search, the website’s Adsense ID is embedded in the search. The host website will be credited for any resulting click-thrus.

• Harmonize the appearance of ads with the website. Make sure that the colors of the ad text and background match those of the website so that regular content and ad links flow together smoothly. Ads that attract the highest number of clicks-thrus seem to blend in flawlessly with the content.

• Pay attention to where Adsense ads are placed. Research indicates that more click-thrus are received by ads near the top of the page and by those to the left of the page. White space surrounding the ad also improves its appeal.

Other factors that will affect Adsense income include the bid prices on the ads being displayed on the site and the amount of competition. Google’s Traffic Estimator Tool can help determine bid prices and AdWords click volume.

The Keyword Tool shows how much competition exists for a given keyword. A website can improve its Adsense income by using different keywords, either to attract better-paying ads or to achieve a higher ranking with the search engines.

Internet marketing is an evolving environment that requires ongoing monitoring and testing in order to achieve success. By tracking the effectiveness of a websites Adsense program, webmasters can develop their sites to become increasingly effective and profitable.

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