We’ve already covered what domain names are and the basics of how they
function. This section will go into detail about the next “level” of your Web
presence, which is a good hosting account.

You now understand that a Website is made up of files and data, like images,
HTML files, dynamic scripts, and databases. You further know that all of this
digital content is stored on a powerful machine called a server.
And we have discussed how, when an Internet user types in your domain or
clicks a link to your site, their computer connects with the host machine or server,
and they are able to download your Website through their browser – Internet
Explorer, Safari, etc.
To set up a storage account for...

your site you’ll need to register with a
professional hosting company. And you need a quality vendor who can provide
you with the following benefits:

1. Network Stability Obviously you need a solid network with reliable “uptime”
so your site will be accessible to your visitors around the clock. Uptime
simply means your site can be connected to; if you’ve ever tried to visit a
site and kept getting a “Page Not Found” error you know first hand what
downtime is and how bad it must be for business.

2. Great Support Your Website is your lifeline in cyberspace. If a problem
arises you need to know your hosting support team will be ready to
respond and help in short order.

3. Robust Suite Of Benefits I recommend using a host that provides you with
a full spectrum of user options, from PHP capability for running dynamic
scripts that allow your visitors to interact with your site, and MySQL
functions for proper database usage. Other examples of very useful
benefits are email forwarders that allow you to redirect messages in a
variety of ways, autoresponders that let you set up automatic replies (like
with a customer support address), and at least one comprehensive library
of Web scripts.

4. Affordably Priced Hosting is a necessity of course, but there is no reason
to shell out an arm and a leg because there are many great vendors who
will serve you at great rates.

5. Cpanel Interface Cpanel software is the best, most user-friendly option for
hosting control. I urge you to avoid any service that doesn’t think enough
of their clients to provide this great interface.

By: Yehia Mohammed Badawy




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