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Anyone can learn internet marketing regardless of their age or expertise. All you need is a good marketing plan, and know how to go about executing it.

Whether you’re still in school, are looking for a new career or are coming out of retirement, if you plan on selling anything on the Net or starting your own online business, you need to know how to market.

You don’t need a degree in marketing to achieve online success. However, you do need an online marketing plan to help define your business and promote it.

Any marketing strategy plan begins with four essential components and builds from there. The four components are:

1. Identify your business 2. Know your target market 3. Research your plan 4. Know your budget

Let’s take a closer look at each of these internet marketing starting points:

Identify your business – You need to figure out what your business is all about before you can begin marketing it. This means knowing:

* The types of products or services you intend to sell * The global area you intend to market too (IE. worldwide, within your country, within your region) * Who your competitors are and how they promote their business * How you intend to promote your business * How you will distribute the products and/or services you intend to sell

Know your target market – you need to know who you are marketing your business too. You need to understand that your products or services will not appeal to everyone. Therefore, distinguish who your target audience is by:

* Deciding the demographic that you would appeal to the most (IE, age, gender, social status, etc.)

* Knowing the types of shop habits your audience would have (I.E. where do they shop, what do they read, listen to, watch, etc.)

* Knowing what your prospective customers would value most about the product or service you are selling (IE. affordability, originality, convenience, reliability, etc.)

* Knowing what aspects about your product or service will least appeal to your target market. Is there some way you can change these negative aspects to better meet the needs of your customers?

* Knowing if your product could appeal to more than one target market

Research your plan – you need to do some marketing research before you dive head first into promoting you business. Educate yourself on:

* The many internet marketing methods that prove to be effective (IE press releases, sales pages, seo marketing, trafficking, e-newsletters, ezine articles, affiliation, etc.)

* Upcoming marketing methods you may be able to use to attract new clients

* Different methods that will allow you to test any marketing ideas you may have

* The competitions marketing methods

* The marketing method you can use now * How to measure the results you generate from the different marketing techniques you use (IE. you can download different tracking software)
Know your budget – You need to know how much you have to work with before you jump head first into marketing your business. Here are things to think about:

* The cost of every customer

* The cost of running your business compared to the sales you’ll generate

* The percentage of revenue you can assign to your marketing plan * Find out the different marketing plans that will accommodate your budget

An internet marketing plan is how you will establish the best focus so you can be more successful when you begin promoting your business. You will discover that marketing online isn’t difficult to do once you have a goal and utilize every marketing method available to you. However, it does take experience to gain success.
Therefore, be patient, be prepared to change your techniques, and always keep your customers best interests in mind.

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