by: Tommy Gordon

Are you wondering how you can purchase cheap car insurance? Worry no more! Here you'll get the seven easy steps to getting the cheapest quotes and the best deals available. Use one or use all, each of them is sure to lower your rates.

The cheapest car insurance is not necessarily the best auto insurance. But, as car insurance is mandatory for registering and driving your car, it is necessary to purchase insurance for your car. The next seven tips will help you choose, if not the cheapest, then the best deal:

1) Compare auto insurance quotes online – insurance companies save money on man power with online quotes and purchase, some of that money goes back to the client and makes your insurance cheaper. There are many companies providing instant quotes. Depending on your auto (and make sure you provide honest answers) or the number of cars you want to insure, you'll get a preliminary estimation. Don't take this sum as the final quote and don't choose the cheapest quote without analyzing the coverage offered in the insurance policy.

2) A clean credit history ensures significant discounts. To put it simple: car insurance gets cheaper if the owner (that's you) is a reliable payer. However, most insurance companies will have an option of "bad credit quotes". If you have a bad credit history, don't waste your time (your time is also valuable) on the companies that don't give you this option.

3) To get an advantageous insurance it is recommendable that you put al the cars you own under a single policy. Some insurance companies offer very good discounts for multiple cars insurance policy.

4) There are many underinsured or uninsured drivers. You'll need coverage in case of an accident caused by an uninsured driver. Make sure your insurance covers such mishaps.

5) Choose the insurance that fits your financial possibilities and the condition of the car. Once your financial status improves or the vehicle deteriorates, you should update the status of your policy.

6) If you plan on moving soon, choose a short-term car insurance plan – we recommend a one year car insurance. Insurance plans vary from country to country and even from state to state.

7) Make your vehicle as safe as possible both in terms of driver and passenger safety (seat belts, air cushions etc.) and is terms of theft (a car alarm an immobilizer etc.) – this will lower the premiums, thus providing for a cheap insurance plan.